Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Family's Origin

This story is about my family and their roots. Where my family is from and how they came to different parts of the world.

While working on this project i found out many things about my family. I had a lot of fun gathering pictures for the video. It help me to learn how to use different programs on a mac that i didn't think even existed. If hadn't have done this project, still would've had questions about my family's history. This was a great experience and i would love to do more projects like this !


  1. I think this project was good. It needed some music or narration. (cant get it to link)

    the rubric is shared with you.
    heres ur grade: 26 / 40

  2. The whole presentation was great. Loved the pictures. But it could have used some music or narration.

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  4. Love the old family photos and the flags. They really do tell your family's story. I would love to hear some music from those countries interspersed or to hear your voice. It was great to learn about your family! It looks like you really enjoyed this project and learning about your roots as well!
    Ms. H